february bay rain + blue sarcelle

I often tell people that knitting is my zen activity - it always chills me out and allows me mull things over while keeping my hands busy. Of course, you all know about that effect.

Kristi Geraci's Sarcelle, which I've now made twice, is a fantastic pattern for zen knitting. It has a lovely bias-running silhouette that I plan to work with in my next pattern...if I ever get out of thesis madness, that is.

As for the yarn, I got it here, at yarnchef's etsy store - it is the "spun sugar" silk laceweight in a custom color. Without question, the most amazing blue I have ever seen.

So, two recommendations for you: the pattern, and the yarn. Go to town!


Jonah said...

So you've changed your thesis topic to blue sarcelle? ;-)

Stephany said...

That is simply amazing! I could never do that.

Anni said...

Gorgeous pattern.

rj said...

Stunning Yummy color and yarn - -love them

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